Graphic Design Design is a principal tool of communication and strategy, and expresses your message.

Although graphic design as a profession is a relatively new phenomenon, there have been appearances of its existence for centuries, above all in Medieval Europe. Artists have been incorporating technical advancements into their creations in each successive era and applying them to each new communicative medium that has appeared.

Nowadays, graphic design has evolved into specialized branches, each one with its own rules, select focus, format and its own particular form of development. Included among these branches are corporate design, packaging, typographic design, display, signage, web design and others.

At Ecubia, we have had the privilege of working in each and all facets of graphic design, due to the fact that our team members have extensive experience in other marketing and advertising agencies. It is this experience that we offer our clients, representing not only nominal graphic projects such as logos or display work, but all aspects which combine to create the layout of a website.