Social Media & Marketing Online The new media.

Communication among people, businesses and brands has changed. On one hand we are seemingly in constant in constant contact despite geographical distances. On the other hand, the way in which a brand is able to communicate with pre-existing or potential clients has transformed publicity, sales dynamics and post-sales service, as well as having created a new communicative profile which is much closer and tangible.

It is in this channel where Ecubia can play a definitive role in the image of your company or the perception of your product, by using distinct but related tools and applying them to be more communicative in the new media which is becoming more and more essential by the day.

From our initial analysis, we will implement actions across social network sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube or Pinterest. Our services run from social media consultancy to the management of social profiles through our service of Community Management. We can also develop the platforms needed to create your very own social network.

We will manage your social network presence in order to help create a global strategy, beginning with a marketing plan and following through to project execution. The elaboration of a complete marketing strategy, not necessarily limited to an online focus, will be designed within the agreed-upon time framework. This overarching strategy is essential nowadays if one wishes to take advantage of the new forms seller-buyer social relations, in which participation and acceptance are of vital importance.

social media
Social Media

Profiles design & fan pages
Viral marketing campaigns
SEM strategies
Community Management

Marketing Online

Global strategy design: SEM, SEO, SM actions
Campaign development and monitoring
Email marketing: Newsletters, Landings, Analysis

SEO - Web optimization

Analysis of navigation structure, design and page content.
Marketing and Browser positioning
Link Building. Link Baiting. Back Links.

E-commerce solutions

Virtual shops and catalogs
Gateway Payment Integration
SEO in online stores